On the mountain of the LORD it will be provided. —Genesis 22:14


Bellstone Plant Sale


Saturday, May 19, 2018




May 12, 19, 21. God has brought spring again to our land, and little tiny shoots are pushing their way out of the wet earth. We’re eager to get working in the garden again, and working towards the plant sale. We’ll be starting with the potting on Monday, April 23. Please donate plants etc. If your flower beds need some thinning, or you are changing things up and simply want to get rid of some perennials, have too many bulbs, please give them to the plant sale. You dig or we dig. You can dig them up yourself and directly to Bellstone to the plant drop off area or bring them to the Van Vliet’s house (1492 Fletcher Rd). Not everyone is comfortable with digging up or dividing plants from their garden. If you would rather have us come and do it, we can arrange that. Thank you for your support. Can you let us know if you are bringing plants? Please contact Janet Van Vliet (livingstreams@rogers.com/289-286-0695), Coby Sikkema (cobysikkema@hotmail.com/289-757-2277), or Jessica Aasman (mark.jess.aasman@gmail.com/905-818-1681)

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