On the mountain of the LORD it will be provided. —Genesis 22:14

Community Outreach

If you or your family have needs and live in the Hamilton region, please contact our Outreach Coordinator.

Listed below are mission and outreach activities locally, across Canada, and abroad which are supported by Providence Church or other Canadian Reformed Churches and its members:

Streetlight Ministries – Partnership support is given to Ancaster Canadian Reformed Church in reaching out to the people of the inner city of Hamilton

Campfire Summer Bible Camp – Operating under the supervision of Cornerstone Canadian Reformed Church, Hamilton, Campfire is a Christian, non-profit, overnight children’s summer camp organised by members of the Canadian and United Reformed Churches.

Reformed Evangelism Taskforce – Equipping believers for ministry and outreach in Jesus’ Name

Foreign Mission- Maceio, Brazil – Support is given to the mission work of Cornerstone Canadian Reformed Church, Hamilton

Chinese Reformed Urban Mission – Supervised by the Canadian Reformed churches of Langley and Cloverdale, BC.

Project Quebec – Support for the Église Réformée du Québec mission church at St. Georges, organised by the Canadian Reformed Church of Owen Sound.

Prince George Mission – A church planting mission in Prince George, BC under the supervision of the Canadian Reformed Church of Smithers BC

Foreign Mission – Papua New Guineau – Mission work supervised by the Bethel Canadian Reformed Church of Toronto, ON.

Foreign Mission – North-Eastern Brazil – Mission work supervised by the Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church, BC.

Foreign Mission – West Timor, Indonesia – Mission work supervised by the Canadian Reformed Church of Smithville, ON

Mission News – A bi-weekly publication with news about the mission activities supervised by various Canadian Reformed Churches.

Middle East Reformed Fellowship – A non-profit and non-political religious organisation, serving in the Middle East on behalf of Reformed churches world-wide. It is for those who are committed to proclaim the historic Christian faith as expressed in the early ecumenical creeds and the confessions of the Reformation.

FOOCASSFamily Outreach Ontario Christian Addiction Support Services promotes, advances, supports and ministers to, those afflicted and affected by substance abuse.