On the mountain of the LORD it will be provided. —Genesis 22:14

Our Worship Services

Twice every Sunday, at 9:30 AM and again at 3:30 PM, Providence church gathers together to meet with her God – that is the essence of worship. We believe that the purpose of worship is to praise God. He is praised by our presence in worship, by our songs, and by our listening to the preaching of his Holy Word.

What is a Worship Service?

Providence Church follows a Reformed style of worship. To understand Reformed worship, one must understand God’s covenant, that is, His relationship with His people. Worship is a special time of meeting and fellowship between the LORD as our God and us as His people.The intent is to praise God; He is the focus of the service. Since we are sinful people and He is a holy God, we come before him with due humility and only through the one Mediator and eternal High Priest, Jesus Christ. We therefore seek to maintain a reverent atmosphere within the worship services, conscious of the fact that we are involved in worshipping the great Lord of lords and King of kings.

We are not free to design a worship service as we see fit. We need to listen to God’s will for worship. This is expressed in the Second Commandment: we should not worship God in the form of idols. This has a broader application: we need to study the Bible in order to find out how God wants our worship to be like. This is why the preaching of the Word of God, congregational singing, and prayer are central to the order of worship. As in all aspects of His church the Word of God is taken as the rule and guide for all our decisions and actions. We gather in order to honour, praise, and glorify Him. At the same time, we receive from the LORD wonderful gifts – the forgiveness of sins and His providential care over our lives.

Receiving God’s Gifts

How do we receive these gifts? God gives them to us especially through the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As we listen, we hear from the Bible all about God’s gifts, how he has sacrificed His own Son to save us from our sins, how He has sent His Holy Spirit to give us faith and even live in our hearts. It’s really amazing what God does! As well, we hear God’s will explained in the preaching so that we understand how we are to live as Christians, God’s holy people, so that He is glorified!

Why Worship?

Why do we worship together? Simply put, because God calls us to! God has given us the Bible as His Word, and in it He calls His people to meet with Him in worship. The church is God’s work: He not only saves sinners, but also brings them together in His church. In the Old Testament God chose Abraham and his descendants as His people. Since the coming of Jesus Christ, however, God has opened the doors of his church as wide as the world: all nations must hear the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection and believe in Him. Providence church is part of this worldwide work of Jesus Christ.